Russian government issues tender for 24 carat gold-plated bed

China and Japan seem to be recovering from the credit crunch, but that does not give the Russian government to take the liberty to spend big bucks on luxury furniture, especially when the country’s economy shrank 10.9 percent in the last quarter. That’s what the bloggers opinionated when the Russian government issued a tender for luxury furniture, including a gilded, cherry wood bed ‘covered with a thin layer of 24-carat gold on the head’s decorative elements footboards’. The total worth of the furniture tender totaled a whopping 24.4 million Rubles ($755,900). Some of the items were directed to be sent to the Dacha district in Moscow’s outskirts; some senior officials resided.

What forms the biggest irony is the claim that the tenders’ publication comes as part of ‘Russian efforts to improve transparency and boost public confidence in efforts to cut corruption by holding public conferences for state purchases.’ Being transparent could be acknowledged as acceptable. It allows the public to criticize the extravagant splurging of the interior ministry openly, but what about the other two bogus points they’ve made? Perhaps we should leave that on the citizens.

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