Russia’s beautiful architecture is the inspiration behind these FIFA World Cup tribute pens from S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont recently made the news after it was revealed that French President Emmanuel Macron gifted a bespoke item created by them to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a wedding present. The company is now part of another world famous celebration: the FIFA World Cup which takes place in Russia this year. In honor of the occasion, S.T. Dupont has created a limited edition collection of writing instruments. The collection includes 2 pens.

The first of these pens are pretty intricate featuring bronze handles that depict some of Russia’s most famous and beautiful architectural marvels. It is presented on a black lacquered wooden base which also includes an ink pot shaped like a football and a pen stand that resembles a stadium. The pen itself is also topped with a shiny metallic football. The ST Dupont Football Haute Creation Ultra Exclusive is limited to just 11 pieces.

Meanwhile the second pen in the collection is much simpler, with a slender black body and a cap that features the distinctive hexagon and pentagon pattern seen on footballs. It is presented in a black box on a special surface that is designed with the markings seen on a football field. 500 of these pens have been created.

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