Ruwa is a $5.5 million non-alcoholic drink encased in a diamond-studded gold decanter

If you are getting over your drinking addiction or want to visit an Islamic country where alcoholic beverages are a strict no-no, you need just as good alternatives. The Beverage Company of UK has come up with something that gives a potent solution to the UAE markets. Tagged as Ruwa, the drink is said to be the most expensive nonalcoholic tipple in UAE. Priced at 20 million Dirham ($5.5 million) per bottle, the drink is presented in a stunningly beautiful hand made crystal decanter studded with 8,000 diamonds, 200 rubies, and two bars of white gold.

Flavored with elderflower and rose, you are entitled to free refills on the purchase of the magnificent bottle. If you are looking at something slightly less extravagant, you can opt for the 3 million Dirham ($817000) versions instead.
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