Ruwa is a $5.5 million non-alcoholic drink encased in a diamond-studded gold decanter

If you are getting over your drinking addiction or want to visit an Islamic country where alcoholic beverages are a strict no-no, you need alternatives which are just as good. The Beverage Company of UK has come up with something that gives a potent solution of the UAE markets. Tagged as Ruwa, the drink is said to be the most expensive non alcoholic tipple in UAE. Priced at 20 million Dirham ($5.5 million) per bottle, the drink is presented in a stunning beautiful hand made crystal decanter studded with 8,000 diamonds, 200 rubies and two bars of white gold.

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Flavored with elderflower and rose, you are entitled to free refills on purchase of the magnificent bottle. If you are looking at something a bit less extravagant, you can opt for the 3 million Dirham ($817000) versions instead.
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