Sam Adams Ultra Strong Utopias is the world’s most expensive beer

Beer has never been so expensive and luxurious before. More often than not, this frothy golden alcoholic beverage tips to the less expensive side of the scales, making it one of the cheapest ways to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Recently, we came across this Sam Adams ultra-strong Utopias beer, a 10th anniversary edition release. The beer contains 27% alcohol and has been crowned the most expensive beer commercially available!

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The Sam Adams ultra-strong Utopias bottle contains just 24 ounces of beer and is priced at $190 a pop. A blend of beer aged for years in different type of barrels, only 20,000 bottles of this one-of-a-kind beer will be distributed worldwide this year. To be precise, the Sam Adams ultra-strong Utopias is a beer aficionado’s dream!

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