Santa Monica Spa Iobella introduces exclusive temperature-controlled pods for toning and cellulite reduction

Santa Monica may be witnessing a fitness revolution. No, I am not about to lecture you on the increasingly healthy lifestyles of the city’s residents. For all we know, their idea (or yours if you’re them) of fitness is traipsing the Santa Monica Place. I know mine could be if I lived there, what with it being among the 5 best luxury malls in America. What I am, instead going to talk about is Iobella, an innovative body-shaping spa exclusively for women.

“The figure of your dreams is closer than you think,” they claim. While a woman’s vanity may never allow that (we always want more, don’t we), you might actually come quite close to it. Because Iobella is offering the latest in work out in the US, a technique that first tested weighty waters in Switzerland, where it originated. Before evolving in Italy and “making a splash in Argentina, where IOBELLA has achieved an A-list following among celebrities, socialites and women who simply want to look their best.” So, how do they do it?

Iobella carefully selects and trains the best personal consultants, instructors, nutrition counselors and spa specialists. But we’ve all heard that before! What you may never have heard, however, is of a spa with exclusive temperature-controlled pods. Iobella admittedly employs a unique method that combines private training sessions in these ‘pods’ with revitalizing spa services to help you lose inches quickly and safely, and come away feeling radiant. Their all-female staff is well versed with their unique body-shaping method.

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An Iobella instructor introduces you to the exclusive pods and guides you through your exercise routine. How the former works is by heating to the body’s natural temperature, 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps maximize fat and calorie burning and speed up metabolism. As for the latter, the spa offers customized plans to help you achieve your ideal shape and silhouette. A consultant even takes measurements periodically and adjusts your routine till you attain the desired results. So you have the technological advancement as well as the personal attention.

Their post-workout O3 renewal treatment takes Iobella’s uniqueness quotient up another notch. How it does so is within revitalizing O3 spa cabins set in a private O3 lounge. Set at a balmy 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit, it relaxes the body with pure warm air, allowing muscles to get the necessary rest post workout. Now what I, or rather they, mean by “pure” air is O3, also known as “triple oxygen” due to its molecular makeup of three oxygen atoms. It penetrates pores to improve skin hydration, appearance and tone. “O3 is an important cell booster that also facilitates the elimination of toxins while improving the appearance of cellulite.”

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In order to experience all such a marvelous improvement, Iobella offers package sessions for treatments. Each session is priced at $150 with prices decreasing as the number of sessions goes up, say from 12 to 20, 30 and then 40. This pricing includes workout and the post-workout O3 pods as well as a thermal massage bed. That’s part of their Classic plan though. Other plans include ‘Total Reshape’, ‘Renew & Reshape’, ‘Youth’ and the post-pregnancy requisites, ‘Bella After Baby’ plans. Once you become a client there are memberships available for a monthly fee between $595 and $795 as well.


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