Saudi Prince spends $20 million for a three day private visit at Disneyland Paris

We never knew celebrating degrees could be so elaborate. A Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud, spent over $20 million at Disneyland, Paris, to celebrate his degree. The celebration was a well-organized event with programs well scheduled and tailor-made involving “rare Disney characters.” The Prince had booked entire areas of the park over May 22 to 24 for the occasion. This celebration was apparently the grand conclusion to a tour organized by the Prince, the expenses to which were completely borne by him. The tour, named ‘Disney Dreamers Everywhere,’ started in the Hong Kong Disneyland, proceeding to theme parks in Tokyo, California, Florida ending in Paris.

Prince Fahd al-Saud had in all 60-odd guests accompanying him in the celebration, inclusive of friends, as well as diehard Disney fans and bloggers. And believe me, only diehard would have managed to keep up with the event schedule as guests were roused at 6 am to be taken down the park’s Main Street, specially transformed into a typical Parisian street, the fun ending at 2 am every night. The Prince had the park to himself early morning and after the official closing time at 11 pm. For the rest of the hours, the park was open to normal visitors, who were also invited to meet some of the rare Disney characters the Prince shipped in.

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