Save money while you splurge – Here are the top luxury loyalty programs and rewards

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As the digital world rapidly develops, the confines of the physical world are shifting. Companies that are located on far corners of the globe are now able to offer their services to many geographies, in which the likes of China, the US and Japan have become hothouses for producing technologies that the world demands.

As the internet expands its reach to more and more countries across the globe, it is now possible for people to purchase something from a company on another continent. This widespread availability of products and services has improved the consumer experience, but also created a huge amount of competition amongst international brands.

So how do brands manage this? The answer has been well thought out loyalty programs that reward clients for coming back again and again. But as the competition keeps on rising, brands are having to get increasingly creative in order to stay on top of the competition.

Below, we will take a look at some of the top loyalty and rewards programs of the best and most luxurious companies around the world.

1. Online Gaming Sites
Online games are one of the fastest developing industries, in which new sites pop up almost every day. As a result of this high competition, online gaming providers have had to get rather creative in distinguishing themselves from the competition and encouraging customer loyalty.

Some of the best bingo sites online have impressive reward schemes and sites like 888 ladies offer an exclusive bonus bundle welcome offer, the chance to win daily special prizes, a daily jackpot of $1000 available every evening at 9pm and daily cashback on some of the most popular bingo and slot games.

While players once had to visit traditional bingo halls to get their latest bingo fix, it has never been easier to grab a game while on the go or from the comfort of the sofa in the evening. Players also benefit from newbie chat rooms that offer them the chance to connect with other new players.

2. Airline Reward Programs
There are over 5,000 airlines in the world, with many of the major players in direct competition as they scrabble to secure loyal customers on some of their top flying routes such as London to New York, Seoul, and Jeju, and Atlanta to Florida. In order to attract and retain customers, airlines offer some of the best rewards programs there are.

From the opportunity to earn air miles that can be used to subsidize or purchase future flights, book hotels and gain discounts at numerous shops and restaurants around the world, to seat upgrades, and more, frequent flyers can gain luxury on the most modest of budgets if they remain loyal.

Airlines such as Star Alliance offer a tiered rewards program where loyal customers can benefit from access to their luxury lounges across the world, priority check-in, increased baggage allowances and much more, encouraging their top clients to spend more with them.

3. Beauty Benefits
The beauty industry is another competitive space in which providers offering many of the same products need to find a way to distinguish themselves. As an industry powered by recommendations, trials and referrals, shoppers are usually clued up and have done extensive research before making a purchase.

One of the leading brands in this space is Sephora. The brand offers an exclusive beauty insider community that allows shoppers access to different groups that are tailored to meet their style. Each group offers a community space of like-minded individuals that can discuss their beauty interests, live chats, and exclusive member meetups.

4. Exclusive Fashion Labels
While designer brands used to be able to command loyalty by themselves, today’s online channels mean that buyers can get their products from another cheaper or more convenient source without having to go straight to the label.

As a result, designer labels have learnt a few lessons over the years in developing customer loyalty and keeping the attention on them. Such tactics have included limiting the supply and access of new products. Brands that have done this include Hermes with their exclusive Birkin bag that had a waiting list of 6 years. Even high street labels latched onto the trend with H&M launching a series of limited-time collaborations with designers like Karl Lagerfield and Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs took their exclusivity to the next level when they held a private, invite-only fashion show which was tailored to a select audience. Some of the names on the exclusive guest list included Julianne Moore and Beyonce.

Lancome are another leader in this space with their elite rewards program that has resulted in
60% of members shop and interact with the brand at least once per month. The exclusive program enables shoppers to get 10 beauty points for every dollar they spend, as well as early access to sales.

As the market becomes saturated with more and more providers, brands need to find exclusive ways to stand out. The above brands are perfect examples of leading reward schemes that keep customers loyal and coming back to shop with them every time. Yet with a rise in large online stores like ASOS that offer free next day delivery passes and subscription boxes like Birchbox, will brands be able to do enough to keep up with internet giants and remain exclusive?

Only time will tell.

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