Save your life with the Avalanche lifebag

The wise call adventurous people, foolhardy. And the adventurous consider the precautious to be highly unadventurous. Well, both of them are right in their own stance, and there ought to be an intelligent blend of both these aspects. How many times have you refrained from the idea of going for skiing just because of the fear of avalanche? The adventurous and precautious folks have the Life bag developed by the Swiss company, Snowpulse. The Life bag, which is like an airbag, is designed to protect the head and thorax while keeping you buoyant during an avalanche. The 150-liter shield inflates in less than 3 seconds and deflates after 90 seconds and it is manually deployed similar to a parachute. Even if you happen to be buried, and the airbag deflates, you will have a small air pocket to breathe till someone comes to rescue you. I know it sounds terrifying, but something is better than nothing right?

Though it’s hard to believe that it could be effective enough, it has reportedly saved many lives up till now. It will be available in the States after December 2008 and it is priced for $1,100, more information could be sought at Snowpulse.