Selfridges Personal Shopping designed by Waldo Works opens doors

Founded by American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, Selfridges is a unique UK destination for fashion, luxury, and retail theater. To provide a personal shopping experience that redefines the landscape of luxury retail, London-based architectural and design studio Waldo Works looked at Selfridges. They wanted to transfer the store’s innovative approach to retail into an inimitable design. Selfridges Personal Shopping is more like an apartment at almost 5000sq ft where clients have all the space to be comfortable in, private, and feel more part of an exclusive but cool club. For the dressing rooms and suites, Waldo Works looked to the female cultural icons of the 20th century, including Grace Jones, Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, and Tamara de Lempicka. The shop floor has been reclaimed to allow dedicated male-oriented dressing rooms and VIP suites inspired by fictional icons The Saville Row man (or sharp-suited American Psycho) and the Military man.
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The Reception
The Selfridges Personal Shopping store welcomes you with braided blue flannel walls in the reception where Tanya Ling illustrations exclusively commissioned for the store adorn the walls.
The Marble Bar, Drawing Room, The Library
Inside a 5000 sq. feet salon that truly conveys the message of being a part of special club lies the The Marble Bar, Drawing Room, and The Library. This space not only gives a sense of home-like privacy for the patrons but also provides the luxury and comfort of a home.
The Jeanne Lanvin Room
A highly influential designer from the 1920s renowned for designing mother-daughter outfits, the Lanvin Room with its powder blue paintwork and silk along with Marianna Kennedy plaster lamps is a great example of taking inspiration from Jeanne Lanvin to provide a personal dressing room experience.
The Tamara de Lempicka VIP Room
The 1920’s siren is an exemplary woman for being rich, glamorous, and sexually suggestive. Fromental silk wallpapers in shades of celadon on the Lempicka VIP Room walls also house Lempicka’s infamous Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti, and the materiality of the era is conveyed through brushed oak, jade green veneers, nickel, and Michael Anastassiades’s onyx urn lamps.
The Grace Jones VIP Room
For a woman who incarnated the Selfridges brand, the room is black and white and includes a 1980s Power Chair that characterizes her explicit potency and self-assurance.
The Selfridges Room
Dressed in yellow, the room is in the brand’s most distinguishable color. Made to appeal to the Selfridges girl who is a rebel and confident of different styles and labels, the room valiantly discloses the yellow silk against the contrast of gray mohair velvet curtains.
The White Shirt Room
Quilted white curtaining stitched with blanket edging and side tables in petrified wood in the White Room are a symbol a girl nonchalantly wearing her lover’s white shirt.
The Saville Row Room
Representing the alpha male, the room is manifested in the striped suiting of the sofa, a Classicon orbis chrome desk lamp and a library chair in Scottish tweed.
The Military Man Room
With Danish military clothing upholstery, the Military Man Room caters to masculinity represented through a woman’s caricature of men.
All rooms feature art from Selfridges’ own collection of collaborations with provocative artists, such as Tracey Emin and Marc Quinn. From the archive, photographs that chart the extraordinary mix of visitors to the store such as Dame Edna to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Waldo Works has without a doubt displayed an all-encompassing customer experience for the serious shopper by adding their designing genius to the Selfridges Personal Shopping proficiency.

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