Silver Curiosities collection – Toys stripped and reassembled as art works

I love toys ever since I was a kid. However, no matter how much I grow up, all my toys means something special to me. And just like the fact that I would hate an autopsy on a loved one, ripping a toy and reassembling it in bling is a tad bit in bad taste for me, even in the name of art. Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure has come out with a limited edition (thank god for that!) collection named Curiosities, where she has stripped off toys, or as she puts it “Freed of their furry coverings,” to “reveal the ingenious and often exotic engineering operating behind the curtain.”

After stepping them down as a display of engineering marvels, she has taken the pains of “casting the plastic armature in Sterling Silver and then reassembling.” Measuring in 7.25 inches x 9.75 inches x 4.5 inches, these four only pieces marvels are priced at $2,750 a piece. You might want to hide it from your kids, though; it may get too much for them to bear.

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