So long my dear readers!

This is one statement I didn’t realize I would ever have to use, but as the ways of the world go, parting is but such sweet sorrow. It has been fun to bring luxury to you for two years now, and there is nothing better than being loved, corrected, and appreciated to do something that I love so graciously by you all! I say so long and not farewell because if luck is on my side, I will be back with a bang to bring to you the best and sometimes the not-so-endearing side of opulence and luxury. Needless to say, this is a tough decision to make, but I know you love me enough to wish me well. So until we meet again, adios amigos to all the people and brands, I love and will miss so very much as my life’s routine alters drastically. Be well, and God bless you all!

SORRY, this took so long….it wasn’t easy collecting my thoughts that seem to be scattered all over the place…so long, my dear ones…we will meet again, hopefully soon enough!
We all at Luxurylaunches wish Kamakshi all the best in her future endeavors.

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