Socialite Speaks Up – Then Trouble Follows Victor Carlstrom now known as Victor X.

Victor X, formally known as Victor Carlstrom, enjoyed living in a life like a movie. A brilliant young Swedish financial broker increased the wealth of thousands of clients, as well as his bosses. Not even 30 years old, he was arguably the best financial mind in Sweden and was the lead broker for the leading financial firm in the country.

Three weeks after Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia were wed, they were spending the holiday on Carlstrom’s yacht off the coast of France. Photos of Carlstrom and the royal couple were on the society pages. Victor Carlstrom had arrived and the world was his oyster. If it were true that it’s who you know, Victor Carlstrom knew all the right people, from royalty to banks to business leaders worldwide.

Little did he Victor Carlstrom know that he was in the crosshairs of complex global financial malfeasance and was a central character in another movie – one that includes governmental leaders in at least two countries and a deeply corrupt global financial system.

He was curious about some of the processes of his employer, Folksam – which counted about half the country as clients. Then they asked him to operate in a way that would essentially steal funds from his clients.

Having built strong relationships with both his clients and global banks, Carlstrom did not hesitate to approach his boss, CEO Jens Henriksson, and express his uneasiness with what he was seeing. From there, things went south for Carlstrom. Having become, essentially, a whistleblower, Carlstrom was dismissed from Folksam. The company never paid him commissions owed to him.

According to a lawsuit filed by Carlstrom before he changed his name to Victor X, Henriksson enlisted a group of 15 employees to extract revenge on Victor X and to attempt to poison his clients against him. It was a sustained effort to harm his reputation and to keep his clients’ business. Henriksson went on to become the CEO of Swedbank to clean up a money-laundering scandal.

As Victor X investigated Follksam’s activities and connections, he discovered a widespread money-laundering scandal, to the tune of $150 billion – making it one of the largest global financial scams in history. Victor X learned that Henriksson was close personal friends with powerful governmental financial regulators who attained lofty positions in the Swedish equivalents of the United States’ SEC and IRS. He used those connections, and others with prominent Swedish businesses, executives and officials from other governments.

According to a $4.2 billion lawsuit filed by Victor X in the United States, a former Turkish Prime Minister who is close with that country’s President Recep Erdogan controlled an account in a Swedish firm, which was involved in the money laundering scheme overseen by Henriksson’s team.

Once the Turkish connection was discovered and reported to authorities by Victor X, he immediately began receiving death threats emanating from Turkey. He was forced to flee his Swedish home, eventually to the United States, where he is an applicant for political asylum.

Since being in the United States, Victor X has had multiple attempts on his life and switches locations every couple of days. His family – a wife and two young children – left Victor X to remain safe themselves.

The lawsuit, which is filed in New York City, is progressing with further motions expected later this summer.