Sogno FMC-10000, a massage chair for all ages

In this day and age of stressful lifestyle, the only solace one can find in is a good therapeutic massage. But again it’s not possible to avail a skilled massage therapist at your beck and call. So people in Japan have come up with a massage chair for ALL at home. Latest from Sogno, called the FMC-10000, is designed as a family chair that can be used by all at home, grown ups and younger ones too. So now your kids too can soak in this majestic massage chair and chill out. Designed by Toshiyuki industrial designer Kita, you can opt for 6 types of color combinations to suit your décor.

From 16th October onwards, for 500,000 Yen ($4400, 3000€), you can keep it at home and also at workplace to get the massage at your comfort. Size – 850 (width) ×1390 (depth) ×1210 millimeters; weight – 130 kilograms.