Sorapot – a teapot from the future

A simple and basic teapot gets futuristic in the role of Sorapot. Although you may not immediately recognize it as a teapot, it is stunningly functional. Sorapot is designed to bring health and balance to the user’s life by accentuating the act of preparing tea, thus encouraging people who drink tea occasionally or not at all to make tea a part of their daily lives. The designer, Joey Roth, designed Sorapot to emphasize the unfurling of tea leaves. It suspends the process of tea making in a glass tube a few centimeters above your tabletop. Unlike standard teapots that confine tea leaves in a small mesh basket, your leaves will have full run of Sorapot’s interior as they unfurl and change the hot water into tea.

Sorapot instructions from Joey Roth on Vimeo.
Created in a limited number of only 300, you can place your preorder with a 50$ deposit followed by $129. However the site says that its sold out.