Special Edition Super Bowl XLVI MVP Opus up for grabs

Its Super Bowl time again. What better way to show your love for the game, than collecting special memorabilia that reflects the true spirit of the sport. After covering names and brands like King Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Cavallino Rampante, Ferrari, and fine wines, The premier MVP Edition of XL Super Bowl – The Official Opus is up for grabs and will give you trivia about the first 40 Super Bowls, including a report on the season leading up to the game, the inside story of the game itself along with play-by-play chart, and a feature dedicated to the game’s MVP. The 20-inch square book weighs at about 88 pounds and is said to be the “largest and most definitive publication on football ever produced”.

Along with the copy, you will also get a signed giant Polaroid print of Super Bowl III MVP legend Joe Namath. Limited to just 400 copies, the remaining copies are currently being sold at a special price of $10,000.

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