Special edition Wispa Gold bar covered in gold leaf on sale for $1,630

Constant demands by chocoholics and a huge drive on Facebook where more than 22,000 people joined the group “Bring back Cadbury’s Wispa Gold”, has finally led to the reintroduction of the delicious Wispa Gold bar. To commemorate the re-launch of this chocolate, the company has actually created a special gold leaf covered Wispa Gold bar. This special gold edition bar is priced at £961.48 ($1,630) making it the most expensive bar of chocolate to go on sale ever. The mammoth price is said to be the value of its weight in gold. The bar is covered in edible gold leaf and sheathed in a gold leaf wrapper. This special gold bar was delivered to Selfridges by Tony Hadley (singer with Spandau Ballet whose biggest hit was Gold) accompanied by a full security team to ensure it is kept under lock and key. The bar will be on display for a week in the stores jewelry department. What is more, all proceeds from the sale of this gold edition will go to the UK Lowe Syndrome Trust.

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The original caramel-filled Wispa Gold bar which is priced at 55p is expected to be available in the markets from September for a limited period only.