Would you spend $96 on a Rose Gold razor?

Razors for men seem to get flashier every year with companied mulling over how to add as many blades as possible to a small piece of plastic; even women’s razors keep getting pinker and more expensive. But one company may have stumbled across the upper limit for shaving luxury, a rose gold razor.

This luxurious razor is a far cry from your disposable favorites. It is an old school single blade razor, the kind that you actually have to slide razor blades into; and it certainly doesn’t have the bells and whistles you may be used to. But what you give up in terms of ease of use, you make up for in, well, gold.

The company states that the razor gives an irritation free shave and that the product is created to work with “curves and angles”. They also say that the rose gold razor makes shaving a pleasure, but we already know nobody is falling for that. The $96 price includes a 2oz bottle of Neroli or Lavan shave oil and a pack of 10 blades. Shop here:

[Available at:Ouishave Via:Trendhunter]

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