Spheric By Mumm Champagne

Christmas 2008 may be over, but the craze is still on. FX Ballery design imagined 5 Murano glass bubbles to symbolize unique Christmas baubles. A G.H. Mumm bottle resides within each blown glass and it looks as pretty as a candy. It’s created in 5 different patterns and colors, making each place where they are exposed a heavenly abode. The five declinations of Champagne featured are Mumm Demi Sec, Mumm Grand Cru, Mumm Brute Cordon Rouge, 1999 Mumm Cordon Rouge and Mumm Rosé.

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La Grande Epicerie de Paris is selling Spheric by Mumm since November for $4730 per bubble and all five for $23,638. It will make a truly grand celebration if you’re planning for one.