Sports Park 60+ converts your humble water body into a fun water park

If you have a huge water body at your disposal, and you have a penchant for adventurous sporting activities, then get the Wibit Sports Park 60+. The mini water park of sorts is not small by any comparison. This inflatable construction is 131.2 feet long, 105 feet wide and 13.9 feet high and features IceTower XXL, Bouncer XXL, Roller, Slider, Flipper, Spinner, Double Rocker, two Balance Beams, Base, Bridge, Cliff­, Slide, three Ponds, three SideKicks, Trampoline, Swing, Curve, Deck, Ramp, two Junctions, ActionTower, Flip and 18 Buoys.

The anchor bungee measures 3.9 feet in length, and the structure weighs 1854 kg.
You will also receive 8 electric pumps, and 9 hand pumps to get this monster up, which will take you roughly 180 minutes to inflate. What I like best, though, is the winner’s podium, so now you can plan a full-scale Takashi’s castle-themed pool party. So let the games begin.
The Wibit Sports Park 60+ has recently made a splashing debut at the biggest water park in Quebec.
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