Starbucks gets a Swiss taste

Thanks to the fuss put up because of the lack of transparency in the machine that denied those making the coffee a clear view of the process, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz had criticized Swiss-made espresso machines. This was about a year ago and now Thermoplan (a manufacturer that delivers automated espresso makers to every Starbucks worldwide) has done something about it. The new machine they have developed is specifically for Starbucks and is called the Mastrena. The machine is also termed as “gold standard among espresso machines” by Shultz himself. It is estimated that by the end of this year 30% of US stores will be equipped with this one.

The Mastrena will cause an increase of 35% revenue of Thermoplan. This shows the true dedication of the Swiss when it comes to upholding the name of their coffee machines. Impressive!