Starbucks rolls out the exclusive $450 gift card

With every brand rolling out special surprises for their customers this holiday season, how could Starbucks be left behind? The caffeine addicts are in for a treat with Starbucks unveiling its $450 gift card right in time for the holidays. The limited-edition gift card is made of steel. Each specially etched card is loaded with $400 and costs $50 to make (now you know the reason behind its $450 value). Only 5000 such cards will be made, and no, they will not be available at a Starbucks near you.

The exclusive cards that will set its owners apart from the ordinary coffee drinkers can be purchased only at The card owners will enjoy gold-level Starbucks card membership benefits, such as gifts and freebie refills on brewed coffee and tea. On Thursday, Starbucks members will have first access to the card on’s website before it’s available to all on Friday. Critics are already calling this move by Starbucks a way for its owners to flaunt their status.
A gift card to boost your status this holiday season. Any takers?

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