Steampunk blunderbuss costs $8K!!! What a blunder!!

If the not-real-at-all Steampunk Bluetooth set had amused you then its amusement time yet again with another unearthly creation coming from the Steampunk stable. This time they have laid their bets on the sort of sought-after Ray-Blunderbuss. You may fall in love with this at first sight if you come from a family of hunters or if you are a fan of crazy Steampunk stuff. Either way, you are weird but we are not complaining. This world needs someone to appreciate art that is a little away from the ordinary or in this case far, far away. “Ray-Blunderbuss” is part of a special edition of 50 from the guys at the Weta Workshop.

Made from metal, glass and rare Venusian Worm Oak (which under Earth conditions is surprisingly similar to resin), this mother of all Ray-rifles has articulated triggers, levers and switches and will be engraved with the owner’s name and individual edition number. I wouldn’t wanna spoil the fun by declaring the $8000 price tag…OOPS!

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