Stephen Colbert trades his $310,000 Vertu for an iPhone

Who hasn’t heard of Stephen Colbert, the fictional persona of political satirist Stephen Colbert, portrayed most notably on The Colbert Report? The character is a blustery, self-obsessed right-wing commentator with a strong distaste for facts. More popularly known as the “well-intentioned poorly informed high-status idiot”, he incorporates aspects of the real Colbert’s life and interests but is modeled primarily as a parody of cable news pundits. So if you missed the latest segment of the show, let me fill you in. Stephen is so affected by the ongoing economic crisis he has decided to do something about it. I bet you guys are laughing already. Stephen was inspired by Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institutes, who recommends a strategy of ‘Stealth Wealth’ during the ongoing crisis. Stephen has decided to follow Milton’s advice of giving up $10,000 phones for iPhones. So Stephen is trading his super cool $310,000 Vertu cell phone for an iPhone and landline!

This guy is a genius when it comes to comedy and entertainment. Leave it to Stephen to make us laugh through this economic crisis.

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