Steve Jobs on your bank note? What if companies issued currency notes

Parisian graphic designer Jade Dalloul has found his latest muse! While most of the world’s designers and artists are experimenting with monuments and other renowned symbols, Dalloul has found his muse in a trending topic these days – currency. What’s his novel concept all about? Well, monetary denominations ranging from 1- 500 would be printed with beautiful portraits of recognised founders and much-renowned entrepreneurs from companies like Facebook and Google to Starbucks and Apple; basically the world’s most notable companies in this day and age.

Dalloul’s ideology basically adopted concepts such as using company founders as political figures on monetary notes. He displayed motifs and logos in the same way that regimes highlight ideologies. Dalloul says, ‘in doing so, I also tried to root legitimacy of these brands in putting places related to their history, like the first gas pump for shell, or the new apple campus.’

Furthermore, the designer visualised currency embedded with worldwide influences, giving it both vertical and horizontal reading directions. ‘Eventually I chose the uniform scale derived from the US dollar bill for all units, and used the same ratio width/height originally found in the euro,’ Dalloul continues.