Stuart Hughes teams up with Robert Gulpen to create the bespoke $2.9 million Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition

Stuart Hughes is my modern day King Midas. With his genius touch, he can turn any object into an objet d’art complete with gold trimmings and glittering diamonds. His latest endeavor, a stunning Bugatti Veyron model has resulted from the collaboration of this modern day King Midas with Robert Gulpen of Munich. The model dubbed, the Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition is a bespoke creation priced at a whopping £2 million ($2.9 million). This bespoke Bugatti made from solid 24ct Gold and Platinum with 7.2ct single cut flawless diamonds took 2 months to finish. The model is undoubtedly the world’s most expensive model car. The attention to detail while designing and creating this model is most definitely commendable. The engine and all parts are modeled to perfection and the hood and steering are functional! The bespoke creation comes accompanied with a certification of authenticity, glass house, aluminum case as well as a photo documentation of the manufacturing process. An exclusive creation, this model is limited to just 3 examples only.

This model is definitely a must-have for the car enthusiast who loves to flaunt his love for wheels. To order or know more about this bedazzling creation, click here. If you are a loyal Aston Martin fan then you must go for the bespoke sterling silver and gold Aston Martin V8 Volante 585EFI model.
Thanks Stuart

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