Studded with diamonds these are the worlds most expensive Dominos

While a regular game panel can be yours for a couple of dollars, why do the ordinary when you can go the opulent way out? Echoing right back on our thoughts is the renowned German design company – Lieb Manufaktur that recently introduced a spectacular new version of the good old domino. The design marquee has associated with VENDOR- another fellow German manufacturer of precious metals, to dish out one of the most exotic looking Domino, set ever witnessed.

The unique set incorporates 28 dominos, each made of 2.4 kg solid gold and topped off with 168 sparkling diamonds. The custom-made dominos come in a rectangular shape with a line that divides its structure into two square ends, both encrusted with a string of diamonds (15 carats in total). The entire body of the piece is in itself is craved out of high -quality 18k gold.
The precious project was entirely overseen and perfected in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany. Further, the luxurious set will be presented to connoisseurs in a specially curated marble case of the best selection, pushing its total value to a ridiculous $153,000. There will be two variants on offer – the VUMIDO (full set of 28 dominos) and the DONUM (singular set of 1 domino). This means if you can’t or would want to buy the entire set, you can nonetheless pick up a single domino to satiate your artsy self. All said, board games just assumed a whole new meaning!


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