Students at Millfield’s learn chess the expensive way

Get your kids geared to get accustomed to the game of kings and pawns; and especially so if he/she happens to study in Millfield School. The school is offering a $128,415.38 (£65,000) chess scholarship as part of a drive to open up access to children of all backgrounds and talents. And when I say chess it goes without saying that they have to be stuffed with gumption and knowledge. While most of the scholarships are for those students with exceptional academic, sporting, or musical ability they are also on the lookout for those capable of memorizing thousands of opening chess moves and of devising strategies of their own. These kids gotta be taskmasters as devising their own strategies is a task in itself. Now if you are concerned about what does this scholarship get along then let’s disclose… according to Peter Johnson, the headmaster, said that the chess scholarship was worth 50 percent of fees for five years at the £24,000-a-year boarding school, one of the few in the country to have a full-time chess teacher. This year the scholarship is going to 13-year-old Rhys Cummings who has been playing chess for the last 8 years, yeah he started off at 5, says it not only helped him make friends sta school but also helped him academically in helping him memorize things better as he does with chess.

At Millfield, he will have two one-hour sessions of coaching a week as well as practice time. He is likely to spend nearly half his weekends playing matches. He is now an active member of the England chess squad and deservingly so. Who thought fun and games could actually help you academically. So all you kids who are having concentration problems will now know what to do during their playtime!

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