Suima Crib: World’s first fully automatic crib

Stepping into motherhood may be considered as the most difficult (yet blissful) task in the world. The Kyuushuu University in Japan and Nagasaki based Maruki Kaihatsu have developed a baby bed to make this mission easier. The Suima crib makes it possible to console crying infants automatically. The device achieves this by trying to induce sleep by mimicking a mother’s or father’s gentle arm movements. The crib sways from side to side every 1.8 seconds, which is about the same as a parent’s heartbeat. At the top of the crib is a fixed sensor that ‘hears’ the infant’s cries and activates the crying automatically.

The Suima crib can be hired on rentals for $100, and to make a purchase, it will cost a Japanese parent $4,500-$5,500. The Suima crib is particularly useful for parents who manage household chores and an infant simultaneously. It’s a pity it’s available only in Nippon at the moment. The video below will prove that the device actually works.

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