SunBrite 4600HD enriches the movie watching experience!

SunBriteTV is back with a bang, to state more clearly, the bang is about 46-inch big. Come rain, storm, or snow nothing can prevent the movie buffs from watching their favorite flick or soap even if it means actually sitting in the rain and enjoying yourself to movies and popcorn. I can vouch that nothing will happen to the TV but I can’t say anything about the popcorn. With SunBriteTV having updated their range of weather-resistant LCDs with a high end 46-inch model, TV viewing has been given a whole new meaning. Now to give you its details lets begin by informing you that this LCD called SunBrite 4600HD has a corrosion-resistant enclosure that protects the internals from the external elements. It has a built-in filtered fan system for particularly hot days, and a heater which allows it to work in temperatures of around -4 degrees C (24 degrees F); I have my doubts that people would actually wanna sit out at that temperature for nothing but watching TV. It also gets with it a watertight cable system for a range of sources including HDMI, component, VGA, S-video, composite, and RF; also a well-thought-of 1366 x 768 resolution at a 1600:1 contrast ratio which is darn good.

You have to dish out around $4,995 (ouch!) for this SunBrite 4600HD which debuts at InfoComm in the second week of June and will be available later this month.

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