Suntory to release whiskey for 50th year Rolling Stones Anniversary

To celebrate Rolling Stones 50 years of Rock n’ Roll, Suntory Liquors Ltd is releasing a limited-edition blend of whiskey that will come at an estimated price of $6300.only 150 bottles with a blend of 6 different grains will be offered in a 700-milliliter bottle. The bottle too, comes specially designed carrying the band’s famous tongue and lip logo. each blend comes from a year of special significance for the band.

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A Yamazaki single malt whiskey from 1962, the year the band was formed, will be included, along with Yamazaki single malt whiskey from 1971, when the finalized tongue and lips design was first used by the band. The blended version will also feature a Yamazaki malt whiskey from 1972, when the band released the album “Exile on Main St.” that contains “Rocks Off,” a song Suntory has used for its commercials.
Other whiskeys to be included in the blend are the Hakushu malt and Chita grain ones from 1990, when the Stones made their first trip to Japan.
The whiskey will go on sale on October 30th according to company officials.

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