Super Mario themed golf bag brings the fun back in the game

Sometimes, it isn’t too bad to step towards the quirkier side of life and settle for stuff that’s a little more extraordinary and unconventional, like this fantastic Super Mario-themed golf bag that we spotted recently. Japanese golf accessory company Enjoy Caddie Bag will soon bring this golf bag, complete with a Super Mario head, a large ‘M’ and the game’s theme colors to store shelves. No, this bag doesn’t do anything out-of-the-box, except the fact that it’ll surprise your older golfer buddies. It works just as well as any other conventional bag does, while giving your golfing time a nostalgic video-game touch.

The bag is made from faux leather and is extremely well-detailed, to the extent of having ‘Super Star’ zippers. With enough space to help you arrange and store all your golf clubs along with the rest of your golfing accessories, this bag will change your game of golf forever! Enjoy Caddie Bag promises to bring this one to store shelves by summer this year and the bag will first be made available in Japan. News of the bag’s availability internationally hasn’t been divulged yet. Also, a bag like this will set you back by about $497, a price most golfing and vintage gaming enthusiasts wouldn’t mind paying!

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[Available at Enjoy-Cb Via Kotaku]

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