Super Giant Tentipi for a staggering $54,000

If hiking and camping are your passion then this Super Giant Tentipi is made for you. Ideally, a tepee style tent is extremely basic is centered typically with a single pole. This Gigantic Tentipi is no different except that is TOO SPACIOUS. You can actually throw a wedding-party for about 150 invitees……coming from a nomad like you isn’t surprising. In fact, it’s an interesting and refreshing change. Coming to the Tentipi, a kåta of this large size clearly attracts a great deal of attention. To ensure maximum storm strength, the canvas is sewn in one piece with two doors built-in (enough for Entry and Exit). The ventilator cap is easily adjusted from the ground. The tent canvas is flame resistant and made of a strong cotton/synthetic fiber mix, which ensures maximum durability while allowing sunlight to come through. To finish it off, poles at the top give the kåta the right appearance.
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If you want to order one then hurry up cause the shortest delivery time is one month. But all this comes with a soaring price tag of £27,000 ($54,000)…….perhaps making it the most expensive Tipi in the world. Correct me if I’m wrong!

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