Suspended 400 feet above a canyon, this couple had the ultimate destination wedding!

Destination weddings are about to become a thing of the past as adventure weddings take over. Kim and Ryan pulled out all the stops to make their Utah wedding an occasion to remember. They got married on a spacenet suspended 400 feet over a canyon!

The couple are actually slackliners (slacklining is an activity very similar to tightrope walking) and met at a slacklining festival in Moab, Utah. The net that they were suspended on along with their officiant was actually created by the best man Andy Lewis.

This ceremony has some pretty unorthodox flower girls. They were actually Base jumpers who jumped off the edges of the canyon filling the air with flower petals that were stuffed into their parachutes!

There were also aerialists hanging from silks that were suspended on the net. The photographers had to get pretty creative to get images of everything that was going on!

But the couple wasn’t just all about adventure, they paid attention to aesthetics too. Just look at the bridal party all dressed in blue!


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