Swarovski-studded Champagne Cooler blings up the bar corner

How often have you gone to a party and stared at the champagne cooler? It is always what is within that we really care about, than outside. With this champagne cooler, it will be mighty difficult to ignore the ‘out’ side. This Swarovski-studded champagne cooler appear to be something of a crowd grabber and if nothing else, its good enough to add the necessary light movements on a disco stage. The cooler looks very rich and it could get a tad bit difficult to ignore its presence on the table, or on the side of it. This Champagne cooler is part of a new range of accessories for the dining table by Brian Thorson and Tim Hosier for their brand ‘Thorson Hosier’, which is now taken over by Weingeroff Enterprises in the States. Made in rich Swarovski crystals and accompanied by preciousness like emerald, oval and sapphire, the range also features napkin rings and shells.

The champagne cooler costs $4900, napkin rings come at $175 for a set of two and the shells range from $245 to $375. Each piece in this range has been designed and handmade in Rhode Island.

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