Swarovski crystal encrusted toilet paper roll symbolizes useless luxury

Artist Mauro Perucchetti’s life sized Swarovski-encrusted figures are sure to dazzle one and all. All of the sculptures are made of fiberglass covered in Swarovski crystals. The 210 cm tall soldier reminds you of an Academy Award statue; ‘The Little Precious One’ is a seated figure with giant syringe-filled afro while ‘The Precious One’ is a teenager who subversively gives the world the finger. These dazzling figures with their unique social messages will surely baffle on lookers. The showstopper of this collection is however, a toilet paper roll! Like other figures, this toilet paper too is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Perucchetti encrusted the toilet-roll holder and the toilet paper with Swarovski crystals to send a message about useless luxury.

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The Little Precious One.jpg
Unique, bedazzling and definitely redefining luxury, these Swarovski drenched pieces from Mauro Perucchetti are definitely a class apart.