Swarovski Crystal Wellbox delivers dazzling beauty

Swarovski is invading all aspects of our life. From security cameras to cars, every object is undergoing a crystal makeover. The latest victim to have been subject to this treatment is a Wellbox. So all you bling lovers can now treat yourselves to the glittering Swarovski Crystal Wellbox. The unique box is studded with 60,000 Crystallized Swarovski Elements and took more than 200 hours to create. The Wellbox is an at-home professional beauty care device. Prized at £10,000 ($16,000), the crystal-studded Wellbox promises results with just six-minutes of use each day.

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The Wellbox offers two breakthrough technologies, Self Lipomassage and elf Liftmassage that promise visible benefits for your face and body. The Wellbox contains the following contents:
· 2 Liftmassage attachments for use on the face (one small and one large)
· 3 Lipomassage attachments for use on the body (small, medium and large)
· Easy-to-use manual and installment guide
· Cleaning wipes
· 20 filters
· 4 international adapter plugs
The Wellbox sits in a transportable case with a handle and comes with a two-year warranty.

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