Swarovski Piano for $750k

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Now it is not that it’s big, beautiful, and all bling (alliteration intended). This Swarovski piano is all of that. It looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale and one thing for sure the kings and royals of yesteryears will definitely regret not having something this beautiful and all shines during their era. This Swarovski-Bosendorfer grand piano is one of its kind and visibly so as it has been plastered with 8,000 hand-cut Swarovski crystals, making it the sparkliest piano. That makes it understandably worth an overwhelming $750,000. No points for guessing where this scintillating instrument (rather a monument of sorts) dawns from…yeah it comes from nowhere else but Las Vegas.

It also comes with a matching bench, so that shows they do have a good matching sense imagine sitting on a substandard bench while playing this rare piano, would be a perfect example of disparity.

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