Swiss Mystery: Someone tried to flush away thousands of Euros in a non-EU country!

Someone in Switzerland is taking the saying “Money isn’t everything” very seriously. The BBC recently reported that thousands of dollars’ worth of Euros were flushed down the toilets at a branch of the UBS bank in Geneva. Cut up notes of €500 were found stuffed into the toilets, each worth $600. Euros are not Swiss currency (Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc), however the country is surrounded by EU member nations so it would not be uncommon to find Euros there. The question is who flushed them down the toilet and why?

This one is a real head scratcher. Swiss folks, if you’re finding yourselves up to your ears in Euros, please share the wealth instead of flushing it away! There is a possibility that someone was trying to dispose of the money to cover up a crime, but nothing has been confirmed or denied as yet. The poor bank authorities had to spend a pretty penny on unclogging those toilets.


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