Swiss watchmaker MB&F launches a pen inspired by Space Travel

The mechanical geniuses at MB&F have struck again! This time they have collaborated with Caran d’Ache, a Swiss company that manufactures writing and drawing instruments, over the Astrograph writing instrument. This isn’t just another luxury pen, but a mechanical rocket pen, complete with the rocket-shaped fuselage, miniature astronaut, shock-absorbing “switchblade” landing gear, and a case designed like a launchpad. It’s basically a mini launch site located on your desk!

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It took four years to perfect the technical concept for this device, the result is one of the most complex writing instruments to ever be created in the house of Caran d’Ache complete with 99 e sandblasted, satin-finished, and rhodium-plated components! This technical marvel features a miniature lever that activates the simultaneous and symmetrical lowering of three stabilizer legs. When the stabilizer legs have been deployed, it is possible to stand Astrograph up, vertically, ready for take-off.
The presentation box is also part of the fun as it is designed to resemble a launchpad and includes a tiny astronaut who can be magnetically attached to the body of the rocket pen. The pen is available in three forms in a high gloss rhodium finish as a fountain pen, in a sandblasted matt rhodium finish as a fountain or roller pen and in a ruthenium anthracite finish as a fountain pen. There’s an imagination fueling writing instrument for every kind of writer out there!
99 fountain pens and roller pens have been created each one numbered on one of the spacecraft’s stabilizer legs. Roller pens are s fitted with Caran d’Ache roller pen cartridges while fountain pens are fitted with an ink pump but can also be used with cartridges. The fountain pen nib is made from rhodium-plated 18-carat gold, in the default size M however other nib sizes are available upon request.
These whimsical pens are priced at $19,900 apiece and will look great on your desk alongside other MB&F curiosities like their robot clocks and the Star Wars inspired music box.


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