Swiss company converts ashes of your loved ones into diamonds to cherish forever

Diamonds are forever and so can your loved ones be after they make a diamond their new home. Algordanza, a small company based in the mountainous southeast of Switzerland, uses the ashes of dead people to make diamonds as a permanent memento for their nearest and dearest. It is a great way to immortalize your partner or family member and make their memory a pleasant one not to forget one that is always going to make them a part of you. “Some people find it helpful to go to the cemetery and grieve, and they leave their grief in the cemetery,” said Algordanza Chairman Veit Brimer. The diamonds on the contrary are better ways to remember your people and keep them close to you forever. The bonding doesn’t end at the funeral. U.S.-based LifeGem and Britain’s Phoenix Diamonds, for example, also offer diamonds made from hair of a living person, or from someone who has been buried rather than cremated. LifeGem even offers diamonds made from dead pets.

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The diamonds are not very steeply priced with prices starting at less than $7,488. The largest size diamond offered by Algordanza is 1 carat, which costs $19,000. Each diamond takes between three weeks and three months to create but the result is to cherish for life and beyond!