Take a look at Moleskine’s Beatles inspired collection

When it comes to luxury notepads and stationery, Moleskine never fails to innovate. While we recently gave you an insight into Moleskine’s GOT inspired collection, this time the legendary notebook brand decided do find its muse in the world of the Yellow Submarine that features characters based on the Beatles.

Taking inspiration from the breathtaking animation techniques and pop artwork of Yellow Submarine, Moleskine has put in place a limited edition notebook collection which also happens to be a tribute to the priceless kings of rock – The Beatles. Yellow submarine (which depicts a modern-day fairytale with Beatle inspired characters who take on a musical journey under the sea to an imaginary ‘Pepperland’) is a remarkable work of graphics that engage you in an animated trance. For creating a spectacle like this one, 200 artists along with the likes of designer Heinz Edelman and director George Dunning worked hard to render magic with stunning 3-D sequences and highly detailed rotoscoping. It’s no wonder then that Moleskine decided to pay tribute to the fine art of Yellow Submarine and the legends the rock.
The collection displays psychedelic graphics on the cover, as well as the endpapers along with the classic Beatlemania sticker. Each of the hardcover notebooks comes with themed graphics and details, rounded corners, and elastic closures. Additionally, the collection also sees some extra spunk with themed endpapers, a paper-band, the Beatlemania sticker set, and an expandable inner pocket in cardboard and cloth. Available on Moleskine’s website already, you wouldn’t want to miss this one if you are a Beatle fan like us!

[ Via : Freshnessmag ]

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