Take a look at the extravagant lives of Forex traders

A life of luxury that includes designer clothes, mansions, and fast cars seems like a pipe dream to anyone who hasn’t got the surname Kardashian. The lifestyles of the rich and famous fill our timelines on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and make it seem as if winning the lottery is the only chance at achieving that dream.

But a new batch of social media stars are rising, those who are not scions of old money. They are self-made, hard workers who are using their brains and skills to achieve high life.

They are traders.

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What are Traders?
The guys and gals that I’m talking about in this article are day traders. They aren’t the type to work in stuffy offices or take orders from angry bosses in sharp suits, these extravagant traders work from home and often only for themselves.

They are known as Forex (foreign exchange) traders and use Forex trading to monitor changes in the global market, buying and selling stocks as they see fit.

These new types of traders are not only big in the stock market. They are young millennials who use social media to boost their profile and show others how to do what they do.

Via Instagram / @kingshaunlee

Who’s who of Traders
Traders such as Samuel Leach @samuelleach, Austin Netzley @netzley and Shaun Lee @kingshaunlee not only show off their life of speedboats and exclusive holidays, they often post market charts, trading tips and strategies.

Extravagant traders use their influence to empower people to give trading a try and strive for better. If you wish to get into Forex trading then following some tried and trusted traders is a good place to begin. Just following traders such as Samuel Leach isn’t the key to success, but they can be a helpful resource.

If you want to find more Forex traders to follow, then check out this list:


Via Instagram / @kingshaunlee

Fakers, not Moneymakers
Not everyone you see on social media, especially traders, are presenting a true picture of their life. There are some people on Instagram, Twitter etc who portray the life of private jets and walking around with a briefcase full of money whilst actually being total frauds.

To be a successful trader you have to be smart, work hard, and treat it like the full-time job it is. Like any true success, there is no quick rich scheme available that doesn’t have consequences. These fake “wolves of Instagram” may present an extravagant life, but they only want your hard-earned money.

Remember the golden rule of business: if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

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Taking the First Step
If you are interested in how to learn Forex trading, make sure to read up on the subject first to get a good start and choose your investments visely.

The life of an extravagant trader is there for the taking, you just have to want it. But remember, don’t go into Forex trading blind. Do your research. Put in the work.

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