Take a look at the goodies inside the $25,000 Grammy Awards gift bag

Coming up with gifts for a celebrity is not that easy because what do you give a person who has and can get it all? That is when you know you have to call in the gift specialists. Lash Fary and his company Distinctive Assets, have done a fabulous job of putting together gift bags for the Oscars and the Grammys for the past 18 years; so it comes as no surprise that he’s been recruited again. This year’s bag is worth $25,000 in retail and includes everything from the smallest regular items to a fancy all-expenses-paid trip. Out of the many things in the bag, the ones that stand out are: $210 worth MyntSmile toothpaste, $300 for 3 sessions with fitness expert and trainer Lalo Fuentes, $500 worth merchandise from P. Diddy’s clothing line, $500 aromatherapy massage, $300car-shaped bag from Braccialini, $1,140 worth of Gibson guitars, and the most expensive being the $14,584 trip in in the A-class train Rocky Mountaineer that travels around the Canadian Rockies. The gift bag also includes stuff for the kid celebrities like a robotic toy, MiPosaur that cost $119 and an illustrated book, titled Archibald’s Next Big Thing by actor Tony Hale. Designer sunglasses, confectionery chocolate, travel pillow, high-end beauty products, custom-made bracelets with the place co-ordinates, pet food, hand sanitizers, lip balms, vegan and gluten-free popcorn, organic coffee, and some fragrances also made it into the goodie bag with a ton of other stuff.

grammy-awards-gift-2The gift bag, which is a random mix of opulence, trinkets and keepsakes, is given to every presenter, nominee and performer. It seems like The Grammys do a good job in compensating the ones that don’t get to take home the gold-plated gramophone-shaped trophies.

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grammy-awards-gift-3The company responsible for organizing the goodies, also sets ups The Official Grammy gift lounge boutique where everything is free for presenters, nominees and performers. Here is where, only a select few brands come to showcase their products in the hopes for better brand and product marketing.




[via – LA-Weekly]