Take a look inside Apple’s revamped Fifth Avenue store

After two years of some rigorous revamping, Apple’s iconic flagship store on the fifth avenue is now set to reopen again! The NYC store has been renovated in collaboration between Apple’s design team (led by Jony Ive) and Foster + Partners, with a view to creating a more accessible and enjoyable experience for the thousands of guests that visit it each day.

In its refurbished avatar, the store retains its legendary glass cube structure on the outside. But it’s underground that the real changes have taken place. Expanding its width to 77,000 square feet, the new space now features several natural elements such as stone seating, trees, walls with plants and linear fountains. It also showcases a series of mirrored sculptures called ‘Skylenses’ around the exterior of the cube, which feature a circulatory cooling system beneath their top surface for year-round outdoor use.

Other enhancements include a circular elevator and a stainless-steel staircase at the entrance, along with an innovative ceiling design that combines artificial and natural light through large skylights and interior lighting. The store’s ventilation system is also combined within the floor such that it can adjust itself based on the number of people inside and the outdoor weather to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Commenting on the store’s design, Stefan Behling, head of the studio at Foster + Partners, said – “The best place to be is actually outside. There are very few places that are much nicer inside than it is outside. The whole idea here is, could you actually make space feel almost [like the outside]? Does it give you an uplifting experience?” Much like before, Apple’s NYC flagship will remain open 24 hours a day, year-round.


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