Taking luxury too far – Nordstrom is selling fancy rock paperweights

In what is probably the most bizarre news we have come across today, Nordstrom is all set and ready to sell its clients an unworthy looking rock (which can easily pass of as a semi-rotten potato) in a leather pouch for $ 85! Yes, you heard us right! And if you are guessing the luxury departmental store has probably gone bonkers, we share the same thoughts!

Sourced from the Los Angeles area, the smooth stone comes wrapped in a vegetable-tanned leather pouch that dons a sturdy contrast whip-stitching. If you are confused (and obviously so) of its ultimate use, Nordstrom gives you alternatives to utilize it as “a paperweight”, “a conversation starter” or “a work of art”, by eventually deferring its use “up to you”. While it hardly looks like a credible piece of art, it surely is a conversation stirrer and what we like to think of as “a poor publicity gimmick” by the brand.

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Though this may be a very sad publicity stunt rolled out by Nordstrom, odd devotees of the brand seem to have unbelievably caught a fancy for the rock. A reviewer even went to the length of writing “It’s not a crystal, but I could tell it was full of positive power and energy,” If like this reviewer, you too have been smitten by the stone, you can purchase it for $85 (or a smaller version for $65) at Nordstrom outlets or off its webpage. But we personally recommend you to give this one a pass unless of course, you have a fetish for strange potato- ey looking rocks.

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