Tallest LEGO Mario statue stands on eBay for $3,289

Old school gamers, especially all you fans of the famous Super Mario Bros game, here is something that will surely interest you. EBay is auctioning a 5.9 feet tall LEGO Mario statue for $3,289! This amazing LEGO structure of the iconic Mario is touted to be the tallest in the world. And you don’t need to worry about this 5.9 feet statue falling apart as all pieces (bricks) have been glued together ensuring this piece stands tall and never crumbles. Game Mania started the build of this statue with the aid of a professional Lego builder 2 weeks before officially revealing it at the LEGO WORLD fair 22nd October 2009. What is more, all profit generated by auctioning this gigantic statue will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity in The Netherlands.

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The statue contains more than 40.000 Lego bricks and weights over 110 lb (50 kg). If you are a fan of Super Mario and an avid collector of this game’s memorabilia, this statue is definitely a must have for you. Click here to bid for the LEGO Mario.