Taransaud lays Ovum, an egg-shaped barrel for €30,000

What would you like to see when you crack a huge egg made out of oak? Well, Taransaud can help you find as much as 2,000 liters of sweet champagne. Blended in the most secretive manner by the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Team Taransaud, the oak egg or Ovum stands on a wooden base, and the huge barrel is closed shut with a wooden lid spotting glittering gold plating. In December, a prototype from Taransaud, the spirit made its debut at the Vinitech living in Bordeaux. The exclusive wine was allowed to lees in the barrel, which aided natural micro-oxygenation to create the special spirit. The 2,000 liter barrels is priced at €30,000 ($42,500).

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