Tech Entrepreneur Tej Kohli Invests In Biotechnology Company ‘Detraxi’

Recently, Tej Kohli has invested about $100 million into a biotechnology company called Detraxi. Detraxi’s broad mission is to be focused on creating effective solutions that will help to fix some of the world’s most prominent issues. Kohli is in no way foreign to investing in companies and causes that aim to enhance the lives of humans, and help those in need. This is showcased by his creation of the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, which has assisted thousands upon thousands of people affected by visual impairments and avoidable blindness. With his investment in Detraxi, he hopes to bring more comprehensive solutions to many problems people face.

A huge problem that the world faces currently, is a shortage of blood supplies in areas that need it the most. With Kohli’s investment, Detraxi has recently been able to nearly complete all of the preclinical trials required to bring forth a new proprietary solution that fixes this issue of blood supply shortage on a worldwide scale.

Detraxi hopes to work with multiple scientists and institutions to be able to advance biotechnology remediations available in the world today. They wish to save millions of lives by working together with those who have the same mission in mind. With new biotechnology, Detraxi is hoping to increase aspects in medicine such as transplants, fluid replacements, diagnostics and even regenerative medicine.

Each year in developing nations, millions upon millions of lives are lost due to blood shortages. Contrarily, over 4 million lives are saved thanks to blood donations each year. On a global scale, about ⅓ of trauma-related deaths arise from blood loss complications. The amount of blood needed everyday far surpasses the amount donated by individual donors. To help remedy this fact, Detraxi is working to create a solution that does not need to rely on derived or whole blood products. The solution is artificial blood.

Of the 5 million people that die on a global scale due to non-accidental / accidental trauma, 16% of them would likely have been able to survive if there had been more effective haemorrhage control present. With Tej Kohli’s investment, Detraxi is hoping to drastically reduce the amount of lives lost that could have been saved initially.

Dextraxi’s vision does not stop at supplying blood to those who need it. They would like you to think about a world in which we could take out organs from the body, and eradicate any diseases from them through regeneration. They would like you to think about a world in which the average time for an organ donation can take just a few quick weeks, and not years upon years. Most importantly, they want you to think about a world in which we can quickly and efficiently diagnose any health disorders, in order to stop them in their tracks before they become too prevalent.

Backed by funding from Tej Kohli’s investing firm, Kohli Ventures, and Cascade Global, biotechnology company Detraxi will likely be at the forefront of bringing comprehensive solutions to health problems in the world for quite some time to come. If the world is to move forward, we must be able to have more effective and feasible healthcare technologies at our disposal, and this is exactly what Tej Kohli has realized.

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