Technogym Excite Run 700i – a treadmill for 16,000 pounds

Running on a treadmill with your favorite soaps or reality shows running in front of you in not too new. But the latest is to have a fit in TV as well as iPod dock on your treadmill. Technogym Excite Run 700i is all about that. It actually comes with an integrated TV and radio along with an iPod dock to keep you entertained while you cover miles on the track. What’s more interesting is that the personal software interface is smart enough to recognize the type of user you are, tuning in to your likes and needs dynamically. It definitely sounds too avant-garde but will only appeal to folks who just dig out reasons for not hitting the roads to burn calories.

Only they need to shell out about a hefty sum of 16,000GBP for running on Technogym Excite Run 700i.