Telegram That is hand delivered by men in suits

While reading Love in the Time of Cholera it is hard to avoid the feeling of nostalgia that comes with writing letters, the snail’s way to mail. The book also highlights the advent of telegram at the turn of the twentieth century. That is one of the most striking charms of this ageless classic. While the internet age has brought the world closer, in many ways it has taken people farther from each other. Messaging has become so casual and constant that we have forgotten what it means to receive news from a friend or loved on once in a month, and the joy that follows can match none.

Sigh, is all we can. But. There might be a silver lining to all this nostalgia. You could experience it first hand in San Francisco and wait a while for it to spread to the rest of the world (we pray) – the chance to send a hand-delivered telegram to your mate.
Who? Telegram That. What? Yes, you can send a message, of not more than 300 characters, to an address of your choice. The message will be hand-delivered by one from a group of well-suited messengers and read out the letter for you. How much? $15.00.
But there is no Morse code needed here. To send out the message, just log on to and the guys at the far end of the cable shall do the needful.

That may not be free and not too cheap for something that can be sent via Whatsapp in a Twitter format but imagine the response? The reaction of the person receiving it. The emotions involved here. The charm of tradition. I would try and sneak up behind the delivery guy so as to snap the expression of the person at the receiving end. Would make for a great Instagram picture.

[Via – Psfk]